Please pardon the site redesigns. I'm moving things around and this is still a work in progress. In the meantime, please feel free to visit some of the bloggers on the site:

Before I go any further, I need to mention some of the services/things I do. Aside from handling the poetshome.com website, I also do DJ work and tech consulting for Linux/Oracle/Java/LDAP configurations. For more information on:

For other blogs/sites hosted here, look below.

Jason McIntosh Welcome to poetshome! I'm the site admin for poetshome. Poetshome.com is my personal site, but I host blogs and development projects for various friends. My personal blog can be found here. You can also reach me at mcintoshj <at> gmail.com, and my gallery is here: http://mcintosh.poetshome.com/gallery/
James Austgen James is a welcome addition of rambling thoughts and bad spelling. Stop by, say hi to him, and leave a comment or two!
Lisa Hanewinkel Lisa is an old friend, and like a sister to me. She's a stargazer, staring at the stars of the world while finding a path through them.
Mike Hanewinkel Mike is an old friend, old roommate, and a really random but cool guy :) Though bizarre, he's a good friend (Lisa, sorry hon, you I think are often much weirder), and definitely worth stopping by and saying hi to!
Violeta Atanasova Violeta is a friend from Bulgaria. We started talking a long time ago on ICQ, and we've kept up since. She's busy with college so we don't keep up as well as I'd like, but I'm glad to count her as a friend, regardless of distance/time.
Stephen Kropp aka Old fart, old singing dude, the stereo man, lucky bastard, and numerous other comments :) One very cool guy though, and someone who has a lot to say - I suspect more than he ever realized :) Check him out!

I'll have more links soon, but figured I'd toss these up there until I can finish the overall site modifications. Cheers all!