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Before I go any further, I need to mention some of the services/things I do. Aside from handling the poetshome.com website, I also do DJ work and tech consulting for Linux/Oracle/Java/LDAP configurations. For more information on:

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Jason McIntosh Welcome to poetshome! I'm the site admin for poetshome. Poetshome.com is my personal site, but I host blogs and development projects for various friends. My personal blog can be found here. You can also reach me at mcintoshj <at> gmail.com, and my gallery is here: http://mcintosh.poetshome.com/gallery/
Stephen Kropp aka Old fart, old singing dude, the stereo man, lucky bastard, and numerous other comments :) One very cool guy though, and someone who has a lot to say - I suspect more than he ever realized :) Check him out!